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Frequently Asked Questions

Our clients often ask us many questions about our services. Here are some commonly asked questions that may help you get started on your next project.

What is the best spring fertilizer for my lawn?

In the spring, apply a 20-5-10 fertilizer mix. Be careful not to apply too early as fertilizer can easily burn vulnerable grass. Keep in mind that there are other things you can do before it’s time to fertilize. In late May or early June, before the heat of the summer arrives, apply some slow release nitrogen. Please give us a call to discuss your particular needs.

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You can expect to see results from liquid fertilizer after just 2 days. The best granular fertilizer on the market is Lebanon Turf’s Humic Max 16-0-8. It works on all grass types and works to produce a deep green color — due to its 35% MESA slow-release nitrogen content. Please give us a call to discuss your particular needs.

(781) 557-7310

Snow plowing rates for commercial parking lots are typically $50 to $150 per hour, while snow removal prices run $80 to $200 per hour. Rates include salting and sanding and depend on the parking lot’s location and size. Please give us a call to discuss your particular needs.

(781) 557-7310

A typical snow contractor calculates that an eight- to nine-foot plow can clear two inches of snow at an average rate of one hour per acre, three inches of snow at 90 minutes per acre, and four inches at two hours per acre. Please give us a call to discuss your particular needs.

(781) 557-7310

What Our Customers Have To Say


“Picano Landscape showed up early morning to start the job of completing our hard scape area around our recently built pool.  They were there all day to ensure everything was perfected to our specifications. Their pricing was competitive and accurate. We have already booked them to come back this spring for some additional work. Marco is far beyond his years in professionalism. I would highly recommend Picano Landscape.”

Brian Jones


“Marco might be a young man, however do not underestimate his age! if you have a question, expect a knowledgable detailed reply. Marco, his brother Luca and the crew work extremely hard to provide/deliver excellent work…and it shows! We have been very pleased with the all the lawnwork and landscaping he has done at our house and plan to have a long term relationship with Picano Landscaping!”

George Scully


“Don’t be fooled because these are young men! Marco, his brother and team are indeed impressive, professional and perform exceptionally well. I had obtained quotes from several of the well known large commercial lawn service companies in this area. Marco came in with the most reasonable pricing while paying attention to the details; walking through my yard, taking the time to make recommendations and generally providing well rounded and knowledgeable guidance as well as a superior customer service experience that you don’t receive with the other companies.

Marco is a leader, very knowledgeable, a hard worker as is brother and crew. Marco and team arrived early with great equipment and completed my edging, mulching, lawn cutting, spring cleanup, trimming and planting with perfection. Seriously, Picano Landscaping exceeded my expectations in every area. Flawless execution and performance that resulted in the best job from a landscape crew that I have had in years. Picano Landscapers earned all of my future business without question. I would highly recommend Picano Landscaping for any job large or small. You will not be disappointed from beginning to end. Well done gentlemen!”

Dean Marchetti


“Hard working, very thorough and says and explains exactly what and why he is doing something. Pricing is very fair and honestly Marco is the best landscapers I’ve ever had.”

Ed Vicari


“Marco and Luca are responsible, reliable, and hard working young men. The work they do is terrific but even more impressive was the great communication from the first call. Marco immediately calls/texts back and lets you know when they are able to come and then sticks to this time. We are very happy with our fall clean up. Thank you!”



“It was an absolute pleasure working with Picano Landscaping. They were incredibly responsive and helpful in figuring out the needs for our project. They were punctual and always answered our questions with detail and professionalism!”

Vincent Cheung


“We hired Marco from Picano Landscaping last fall to repair the lawn from summer damage, including dethatching, aerating & overseeing. He was very responsive, showed up when promised, estimates were detailed and very reasonable. Planning to have him and his crew back this Spring! Highly recommend!”

Jeffrey Jadul