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5 Undeniable Reasons Why Hiring a Snow Plowing Service is Better Than DIY

When winter hits hard, the task of removing snow from your property can be daunting. Here’s a quick answer to why hiring a snow plowing service is a wise choice: Professional services are more efficient and equipped to handle heavy snowfall, they significantly reduce the risk of injuries, and can be cost-effective compared to the expense of purchasing and maintaining your own equipment. Additionally, they offer reliability in keeping your driveway and paths clear, regardless of the snow schedule, and bring expertise to handle various snow conditions safely and effectively.

In Reading, MA, where attention to detail and high-quality landscaping services are highly valued, opting for a professional snow plowing service means entrusting your property to experts like Picano Landscaping, who understand the essence of keeping your surroundings safe and navigable throughout the winter season. They utilize a blend of advanced techniques and equipment to ensure that snow doesn’t interfere with your daily activities or pose a risk to your safety.

Hiring a professional service offers undeniable advantages:

  1. Efficiency and Speed: Leveraging professional equipment to clear snow quickly.
  2. Safety and Health: Minimizing injury risks and heart-related hazards from shoveling.
  3. Cost-Effectiveness: Saving on the high costs of personal snow removal equipment.
  4. Reliability and Consistency: Ensuring clear paths with 24/7 service, regardless of the weather.
  5. Expertise and Equipment: Utilizing trained professionals with the right tools for every snow situation.

An infographic detailing the top 5 reasons to choose professional snow plowing services over DIY. The infographic features icons for each reason: a snowplow for efficiency, a heart for health, a dollar sign for cost, a clock for reliability, and a graduation cap for expertise. Each icon is accompanied by a short description mirroring the bullet points above, visually emphasizing the advantages of opting for professionals like Picano Landscaping. - snow plowing service infographic pyramid-hierarchy-5-steps

Choosing to hire a snow plowing service rather than handling it yourself means prioritizing your safety, time, and peace of mind during the winter months. In the following sections, we’ll dive deeper into these benefits, highlighting why Picano Landscaping is your best choice for facing the challenges of winter in Reading, MA.

Efficiency and Speed

When winter blankets your driveway or business parking lot with snow, every minute counts, especially if you need to get to work, welcome customers, or ensure safety. Let’s explore how opting for a snow plowing service, particularly Picano Landscaping, can save you time and hassle with their efficiency and speed.


Imagine waking up to a fresh snowfall. Instead of reaching for the shovel, you enjoy your morning coffee. Why? Because you’ve chosen a professional snow plowing service. While you prepare for your day, Picano Landscaping’s team is already on the move, clearing your driveway or parking lot. This scenario is not just convenient; it’s a significant time-saver.

Fact: Clearing snow by hand can take hours, depending on the size of the area and the snow’s depth. In contrast, professional services are equipped to handle the same task in a fraction of the time.

Professional Equipment

The key to the speed and efficiency of a snow plowing service lies in their arsenal of professional equipment. Unlike the basic shovel or consumer-grade snowblower that might be in your garage, companies like Picano Landscaping invest in high-grade machinery designed for quick, effective snow removal.

snow plowing machinery in action - snow plowing service

Case Study: Consider the difference between a homeowner using a shovel versus Picano Landscaping’s fleet of plows during a heavy snowstorm. The professional service can clear multiple driveways in the time it takes a person to finish one, showcasing the undeniable efficiency brought by the right tools for the job.

Quote from a satisfied customer: “I was amazed at how quickly Picano Landscaping cleared our commercial lot after a blizzard. It would have taken my team all day, but they had it ready for customers in no time.”

In summary, choosing a snow plowing service like Picano Landscaping means entrusting your winter snow removal needs to experts who bring efficiency and speed to the table. With their timely service and professional equipment, you can start your day right, knowing that snow won’t slow you down.

[Continue to the next section on Safety and Health to learn how professional snow removal can protect you and your loved ones from winter-related hazards.]

Safety and Health

When winter blankets your driveway and sidewalks in snow, grabbing a shovel might seem like the go-to solution. But have you considered the risks? Let’s break down why a snow plowing service is not just a convenience but a critical choice for your safety and health.

Injury Prevention

Shoveling snow is hard work. It’s not just about the cold nipping at your nose; it’s about the strain on your back, the twist in your knees, and the overall toll it takes on your body. According to health experts, the number of injuries from snow shoveling reaches into the thousands each year. These injuries range from minor muscle aches to serious back injuries. A snow plowing service like Picano Landscaping takes this risk out of your hands, ensuring you stay warm and well inside while they handle the heavy lifting.

Heart Risks

Here’s a startling fact: The American Heart Association warns that the physical exertion of shoveling snow can increase the risk of heart attacks. The cold weather combined with the sudden, strenuous activity puts an unusual strain on the heart. People who aren’t regularly engaged in heavy physical activity find this especially dangerous. By opting for a professional snow plowing service, you’re not just clearing your driveway; you’re safeguarding your heart health.

Slip Hazards

Finally, let’s talk about the ice. It’s sneaky, it’s slippery, and it’s a major cause of winter accidents. Even if you manage to shovel your snow, ensuring the underlying ice is also dealt with can be a challenge. Professional snow removal services don’t just move snow; they have the expertise and equipment to reduce the risk of ice, making your walkways and driveways safer to navigate.

Choosing a snow plowing service like Picano Landscaping isn’t just about convenience; it’s a proactive step towards ensuring your safety and health during the winter months. By leaving the snow and ice to the professionals, you’re protecting yourself from potential injuries, heart risks, and slip hazards.

[Up next, we’ll explore the cost-effectiveness of hiring a snow plowing service, breaking down the long-term savings compared to the immediate costs of DIY snow removal.]


When winter hits hard, the thought of saving a few bucks by handling snow removal yourself might seem tempting. But let’s break down the real costs and see why hiring a snow plowing service is not just a luxury but a smart financial decision.

Equipment Cost: Buying a snow plow or even a high-quality snowblower isn’t cheap. And it’s not just about the initial purchase; there’s storage to consider, too. Where do you keep this bulky equipment during the off-season?

Maintenance: Owning snow removal equipment means you’re also signing up for its upkeep. Regular maintenance, repairs, and part replacements add up quickly. Professional snow plowing services, on the other hand, maintain their own fleet of specialized vehicles and machinery, ensuring efficient and reliable snow clearing without any extra cost to you.

Fuel: Operating a snowblower or a plow requires fuel, and during a heavy snow season, this expense can escalate. Snow plowing services factor these costs into their rates, saving you the hassle and surprise of fluctuating fuel prices.

In contrast, hiring a service like Picano Landscaping means you’re paying for the convenience and reliability of snow removal without the hidden costs of DIY. Their team uses professional-grade equipment designed for efficiency and speed, ensuring your property is cleared quickly without the need for you to invest in, maintain, or store expensive equipment.

Moreover, professional services can provide tailored solutions based on your property’s specific needs, something that’s hard to achieve with a one-size-fits-all approach of personal equipment. Whether it’s a light dusting or a major storm, a professional team can adjust their strategy and tools accordingly, ensuring your property is safe and accessible no matter what winter throws at you.

In the long run, the cost of hiring a snow plowing service often outweighs the investment required to do it yourself. When you factor in the risks and inconveniences of DIY snow removal, the choice becomes clear. For peace of mind and a clear driveway, professional snow plowing services offer a value that’s hard to beat.

[Next, we’ll delve into the reliability and consistency of professional snow plowing services, and how they ensure your property remains accessible and safe throughout the winter season.]

Reliability and Consistency

When winter storms hit, you want to be sure that you can rely on a service to keep your paths clear and safe. That’s where the strength of a professional snow plowing service like Picano Landscaping shines. Let’s break down why reliability and consistency are non-negotiables for your snow management needs.

24/7 Availability

Imagine waking up to a fresh snowfall on a crucial day. Maybe you have an early meeting, or perhaps you’re hosting an event. With Picano Landscaping, you don’t need to panic. Our teams are available 24/7, ready to respond to your call. This round-the-clock availability means you’re never left stranded, wondering when or if your driveway will be cleared.

Weather Monitoring

We don’t just wait for the snow to fall before we act. Our experts keep a close eye on weather forecasts, tracking systems to predict changes and prepare accordingly. This proactive approach allows us to redistribute assets as needed, ensuring we’re always ahead of the storm. By monitoring weather conditions closely, we can adapt our strategies in real-time, minimizing wait times and ensuring quick, efficient service.

Scheduled Service

Consistency is key to maintaining safe, accessible properties throughout the winter. That’s why we offer scheduled services to our clients. This means you can count on us to be there, clearing snow and treating surfaces regularly, without you having to reach out each time. Scheduled services take the guesswork out of snow removal and give you one less thing to worry about during the cold months.

In summary, when you choose a professional snow plowing service like Picano Landscaping, you’re opting for peace of mind. Our 24/7 availability, diligent weather monitoring, and commitment to scheduled services ensure that your property remains safe and accessible, no matter what winter throws your way.

[Next, we’ll answer some frequently asked questions about snow plowing services, helping you to make informed decisions for your snow removal needs.]

Expertise and Equipment

When winter blankets your property with snow, having the right team and tools makes all the difference. Here’s why expertise and high-grade equipment are key to effective snow removal.

Trained Professionals

Imagine trying to navigate a blizzard without clear sight. Professionals trained in snow removal do just that. They spot what we can’t: hidden pavement markings, potential slip zones, and more. Their training goes beyond steering a plow. They learn the science of snow, like what chemicals to use on different surfaces without causing damage. This isn’t just pushing snow around; it’s a careful strategy to keep everyone safe.

High-Grade Machinery

A shovel might clear your doorstep, but what about your entire parking lot? Commercial snow removal demands big, powerful machinery. Think of plow trucks that clear lanes in a single pass, and snow blowers that move mountains of snow with ease. These aren’t your average winter tools. They’re specially designed for heavy lifting and efficiency. Plus, they’re maintained meticulously to avoid breakdowns when you need them most.

Tailored Solutions

Every property has its unique challenges. Maybe it’s an awkward driveway angle or a tight space between buildings. A professional snow plowing service doesn’t offer a one-size-fits-all solution. They assess your property, understand your specific needs, and customize their approach. Whether it’s pre-treating surfaces before a storm hits or using the right equipment for your layout, it’s all about providing the service that fits your situation.

When you hire a snow plowing service, you’re not just getting a person with a plow. You’re getting a team equipped with the right tools, training, and tactics to handle winter’s worst. This combination of expertise and equipment means you can trust the job will be done right, with attention to safety, efficiency, and your specific needs.

[Let’s address some common questions about snow plowing services to help you better understand how to prepare for the winter season.]

Frequently Asked Questions about Snow Plowing Services

When it comes to keeping your driveway or business parking lot clear of snowlots of questions can come up. Here are a few common ones that might help you feel more prepared for the winter season.

What should I look for in a snow plowing service?

Finding the right snow plowing service means looking for a few key qualities:

  • Reliability: You want a service that shows up when they say they will, especially during peak snowfall times.
  • Professionalism: Look for a team that communicates clearly and treats you with respect.
  • Equipment: Make sure they have the proper, well-maintained equipment to handle the job.
  • 24/7 Availability: Snow doesn’t stick to a 9-5 schedule. Your snow plowing service shouldn’t either.
  • Safety Policies: A good service will prioritize the safety of both their staff and your property.
  • Cost Transparency: You should know upfront what you’re going to pay, with no hidden fees.

How much does it typically cost to hire a snow plowing service?

The cost can vary widely based on several factors, including the size of the area to be cleared, the frequency of snowfall, and the billing model the service uses. Some services might offer a flat rate for the season, while others charge per visit or per hour. Material costs, like salt or sand, could also affect the price. Always ask for a detailed breakdown of costs upfront to avoid surprises.

Can I schedule a snow plowing service in advance?

Yes, and it’s actually a wise move. Many snow plowing services offer contracts that cover the entire winter season. By signing up in advance, you ensure that you’re on their list before the first snowfall hits. This not only guarantees your spot but also often allows for better pricing and peace of mind knowing that you’re prepared for whatever winter throws your way.

Scheduling in advance also gives you the opportunity to discuss and agree on specific needs and expectations, ensuring that the service is tailored to your property. Whether it’s keeping a commercial lot accessible for customers or ensuring your driveway is clear for early morning commutes, a pre-arranged agreement means one less thing to worry about during the busy winter months.

A reliable snow plowing service like Picano Landscaping not only keeps your property safe and accessible but also gives you back your time and peace of mind. With winter challenges handled professionally, you can focus on the more important aspects of your day-to-day life or business operations.


Choosing a snow plowing service isn’t just about clearing snow; it’s about ensuring safety, consistency, and peace of mind throughout the winter season. When we talk about peace of mind, we’re referring to the comfort and assurance that comes from knowing professionals are taking care of your property, no matter what winter throws your way.

At Picano Landscaping, we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality, attention to detail, and exceptional customer service. Our team doesn’t just plow snow; we consider the impact of snow removal on your entire property, from preventing drainage issues to protecting your landscape. This meticulous approach ensures that our services meet your highest standards every time.

With our 24/7 availability and proactive weather monitoring, you can rest assured that your property will remain safe and accessible throughout the winter. Our trained professionals use high-grade machinery to deliver tailored solutions, whether it’s keeping a commercial lot accessible for customers or ensuring your driveway is clear for those early morning commutes.

In conclusion, opting for a snow plowing service, especially one as dedicated as Picano Landscaping, offers you peace of mind. It’s the assurance that comes from knowing your property is in good hands, regardless of the weather conditions. With our team on your side, you can focus on the more important aspects of your life or business, knowing that the winter challenges are handled professionally and efficiently.

For reliable and efficient snow plowing services that stand the test of Erie’s winters, look no further than Picano Landscaping. Discover how we can keep your property safe and pristine this winter. Visit our commercial snow removal services page to learn more and get started with us today.

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