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Landscape Maintenance Services Year-round Checklist

landscape maintenance services

Caring for Your Landscape Through the Seasons

Whether you’ve got a sprawling suburban lawn or a small city patio garden, keeping plants healthy and yardwork under control is a year-round effort. As the temperatures start dropping heading into winter, it’s time to put my landscape maintenance by design by safety checklist into action. From raking up falling leaves to prepping irrigation systems, these preventative steps will save me headaches come springtime.

Over the past few years, we’ve learned some valuable lawn care, landscape and residential and commercial residential property maintenance and safety lessons about life the hard way – like when one neglects to prune back perennials in the fall only to find them flattened under snowdrifts. Or that one scorching summer when you forget to water new shrubs that quickly wilted beyond saving. This season-by-season lawn and landscape and residential and commercial front property and commercial residential property care guide results from that life – mistakes, gathering tried-and-true maintenance and safety tasks that have kept Little Oasis thriving year-long.

So, no matter whether you’re an outdoor novice just starting to get your hands dirty with some landscape design, installation, and maintenance or a landscape gardening grizzled vet, we hope you’ll find these simple landscape design, installation, and maintenance strategies helpful. Let’s get to work making sure the beauty of life in our landscape and our plants stay as cheerful as we want our yards to look!

Why Landscape Maintenance Matters

Taking care of your home landscape is about more than just aesthetics. Following regular landscape maintenance and professional landscaping needs lawn care professional landscaping services only, and routine has important benefits that can enhance your enjoyment of your outdoor space all year long. Proper, full landscaping needs lawn care professional landscaping services only and landscape maintenance professional landscaping services only, and also promotes healthier, fuller plants that are better and able to withstand pests and environmental stresses.

Consistent maintenance also improves your home or commercial property’s value, curb appeal and overall residential value or commercial property value. Realtors have found well-kept homeowners’ residential and commercial properties, and landscaping encourages quicker home sales at higher prices in commercial properties and residential fronts. Ignoring your yard, landscaping company, or services, on the other hand, may introduce an unkempt impression that detracts buyers. With a little dedicated work each season, you can boost the value of your home or commercial or residential property that’s exterior and its value and make it radiate welcoming curbside charm.

You Need Year Long Landscape Maintenance Services

Most importantly, diligent maintenance and installation of landscaping needs your professional landscaping service to extend the lifespan of everything from flowers to trees to lawn grass. These investment plantings can last for many growing seasons when stresses like weeds and diseases are minimized through preventative actions and excellent professional service. By using a professional landscaping service for your maintenance and catching minor issues early, you prevent bigger problems down the road that require deep treatment or result in the loss of landscaping elements. Practicing serious about landscape maintenance, design, installation, and management protects your initial project investment and allows you to enjoy natural beauty and outdoor space for years to come.

Seasonal Landscaping Maintenance Tasks

Ultimately, a year-round maintenance service checklist saves time and money over neglecting your yard. Being efficient and proactive about caring for your property, using the resources and expertise of landscaping services, landscaping services companies, professionals, and other such services, landscape maintenance services, professional’s services, and companies’ services pays dividends in curb appeal, plant health, safety, and wallet-friendliness for the entire time you call a place home. The various service tasks may seem like chores, but your service efforts will beautify your space and reduce future service workload headaches.

Winter Landscape Maintenance

Now that the frost is in the air, it’s time to give your landscape some pre-hibernation TLC before nature’s dormancy sets in. Pruning is also a must during winter months. Not only does it shape shrubs and clean up trees, but it allows you to see any potential problems early. Cut these parts away before the real deep freeze sets in. Finally, sweep walkways free of debris to prevent ice buildup or grit damage.

Pre-Snow Landscape Maintenance Services

Take the remaining weeks before snowfall to give your lawn a final feeding of winterizing fertilizer. This provides grass and plants one last nutrient boost to strengthen roots so they can better weather season’s end. From there, it’s just a matter of looking for holiday decorations that could crush new growth or trap moisture. With any luck, the rest of winter can now be enjoyed inside by the fire, knowing your yard is properly prepared to thrive again come the first thaw.

Early Spring Landscape Maintenance

As the weather begins to warm, it’s time to tidy up after the old man’s winter. Head outside after the last frost to sweep away dead leaves and debris that accumulated over the off-season. This clean slate will allow you to assess any damage done and make a plan.

Speak of the devil – check in on plants that may have taken a hit from heavy snow or ice. Remove any broken branches to promote new growth. You may also need to patch up mulch rings disrupted by melting and refreezing. Topping up mulch around trees and in garden beds will help suppress weeds as things start waking up.

While plants are still dormant, take the time to test your soil and amend as needed. Aim for a pH between 6.0 and 7.0 for most established lawns, trees, and flowers. Early spring is also the ideal time to lay down pre-emergent herbicide to form a barrier blocking winter weeds.

By mid-spring, lawn grasses will be greening up and ready for the mowing – their first mowing of the season – keep mowing, but raise your mower height and cut slow. Lawns need gradual conditioning from mowing to revive from their winter nap. Keep an eye out, too, while mowing for any early spring bulbs or plants pushing through, taking care not to mow them down too soon!

Late Spring Landscape Maintenance

Now that everything has fully emerged from its winter slumber, it’s time to do weekly mowing to kick your spring yardwork into high gear. Mow the lawn at least once a week after mowing to keep grass from thatching. Don’t forget to empty the mower bag weekly, mowing frequently of clippings too.

Edging walkways and driveways create a clean, finished look while also preventing grass from encroaching on the property. A line trimmer makes quick and efficient work of this task for homeowners. Pay attention to fertilizing needs – lawns may need one feeding each month during peak growing season.

For woody plants and trees, late spring is pruning time. Cut back leggy growth on shrubs to encourage thick, full foliage lower down. As your front lawn, landscape, lawn, and garden beds come alive with colorful additions, pull any stray weeds promptly before they bolt and spread. A layer of fresh mulch helps the lawn and landscape retain soil moisture and suppress weeds organically. Divide and transplant perennials and shrubs that have grown overly crowded as needed.

Check for drainage issues after heavy spring rains. Adjust soil grades or add extensions to downspouts to prevent puddles or erosion around your property. Identifying trouble spots now makes for drier summer enjoyment ahead.

Early Summer Landscape Maintenance

Once temperatures fully heat up, your landscape will transition into peak growing mode. Lawns may need watering every few days to prevent their roots from baking.

Check soil moisture levels with your finger before watering other plants, too. Appropriate irrigation allows flowers and shrubs to really flourish without wasting H2O. Consider installing a rain barrel to capture runoff for use in dry spells.

Scout properties and clients regularly for common and pest control issues and address them promptly. Ladybugs and praying mantises are natural allies of homeowners and clients – encourage homeowners and clients of their habitats and property companies to have extra helpers, resources, expertise, and resources on hand. Remove infected leaves and shrubs and use organic or synthetic treatments only when necessary.

Aim to divide and replant crowded trees, shrubs, and perennials in a warm spell. Their new roots can get established before heat peaks. Stake or cage your shrubs, trees, and tall plants as wind and rain threaten their stability in the soup of a season.

By keeping up with these essential early summer landscape and property and commercial landscape maintenance service, professional landscaping installation services, and commercial and residential property maintenance service routines, you’ll have your property and team and commercial landscape service team and clients all dressed to impress clients all through the hot months! More tips to come for homeowners navigating the challenges of midsummer property keep.

Late Summer Landscape Maintenance

As summer days begin to shorten and temperatures start dropping a bit, it’s time to prepare your landscape for the transition into fall. Staking and caging plants before any strong storms hit can prevent wind damage to leggy growth. Tomato cages filled with marigolds add structure and seasonal color.

Keep fertilizing your lawn through late summer, about every 4-6 weeks, to keep the lawn retains its green appearance through September. Reduce watering very gradually as rainfall increases to harden off grass for winter dormancy.

As nights grow cooler, take free time to scout the landscaping and lawn care services for great looking yard care, landscaping and lawn care, landscaping, landscape, and a great looking yard, for pests taking shelter in the landscaping, commercial lawn care, landscaping, and garden during their lifecycles’ change of seasons. Remove debris where overwintering insects may reside to minimize issues next year.

Hardy perennials like hostas, daylilies, and peonies can be divided now while the space between their new growth is still evident. This prevents overcrowding and less maintenance and ensures years of less maintenance, lawn care, and lawn enjoyment.

Early Fall Landscape Maintenance

As leaves begin changing color in early autumn, it’s time to prep your landscape before the flush of falling foliage. Start by giving lawns one last mowing at a taller height before shutting off the mower until spring. Taller grass holds up better to the foot traffic of kids and critters.

Enjoy peak fall blooms while deadheading spent flowers to promote continuous new growth up until frost. Divide and transplant spring bulbs while the weather is still mild for healthy blooms next year. Add a fresh layer of mulch in garden beds to insulate roots.

Expect early molds and mildew as the weather cools and dries out—address issues promptly with organic fungicides. Check irrigation systems for winterizing while the ground isn’t frozen—drain and store hoses to prevent cracking.

Rake leaves into piles for future mulch or compost. Or bag them for curbside pickup to keep beds and lawns clear for assessing winter landscape, weed control, snow removal, landscape, and protection tasks ahead of free time. With a little pre-winter landscape maintenance, snow removal, weed control, and landscaping TLC now, you’ll enjoy and maintain the beauty of your landscape right up until Jack Frost’s arrival! Just ahead.

Late Fall Landscape Maintenance

As the last bursts of color fade and leaves continue drifting down, shift your focus to readying the landscaping and your landscape maintenance services professionals and their services lawn care services for winter dormancy. Give your own professional service and lawn care services. Your landscaping company’s excellent service and maintenance services and landscape maintenance services give everything one final pruning to shape the landscape before deep frost settles in.

Secure or remove lightweight patio furniture, decor, and other small items from outdoor spaces that could blow away or trap moisture under a snow load. Store cushions inside and cover wood pieces for protection from ice and drying winds.

Fall is a prime time for controlling broadleaf weeds in lawns before dormancy. Spot-treat any that escape your fall pre-emergent application. A final of lawn care and feeding with winterize fertilizer will harden off the grass as temps fall further.

Check sprinkler system bleed valves are open and exposed pipes are wrapped before hard freeze. Drain garden hoses completely before storing. Rake and remove debris around trees and shrubs to allow airflow and sunlight to reach trunks.

All-Season Landscape Tasks

Landscape maintenance service

While seasonal guides outline the priority tasks month-to-month, some basics apply year-round. These include inspecting/cleaning rain gutters, properly disposing of yard waste, aerating/top-dressing lawns, and pruning hedges and ornamentals for shape. Getting into a routine with these will save time overall.

Lawn Care

Mow your lawn at the recommended height, removing no more than 1/3 blade height. Sharpen mower blades yearly. Fertilize twice yearly using slow-release products. Test soil to know nutrient needs. Overseed thin patches in fall to thicken grass and fill gaps. Aerate compacted soil in spring and fall using a shovel or machine. Water deeply 1-2 times weekly unless rainfall allows the soil to dry partially between.

Tree and Shrub Care

Pruning, weed control and pest control, and other maintenance, and disease monitoring and mulching as specified previously. Proper pruning encourages strong structure and stimulates new growth. Inspect regularly for common pest and weed control issues like aphids, scale, powdery mildew, or fireblight, depending on the species. Apply appropriate treatments to prevent damage.

Garden Bed Care

Weeding, amending soil, planting, and mulching as specified previously. Weeding is key to maintaining good maintenance – pull by hand or with cultivation when first 2-3 inches tall for easiest removal. Improve drainage and nutrients with compost incorporated before the initial planting and refresh annually based on a soil test.

Hardscape Maintenance

Cleaning patios, walkways, and driveways for maintenance as specified previously. Seal cracks less than 1/4 inch wide in concrete surfaces yearly to prevent water entry that could cause shifting or weeds. Refresh protective sealants on wood features and properties like landscaping, decking, and fencing in spring to shield these properties against damage from sunlight and moisture over time.

Pest and Disease Prevention

Choose hardy plant varieties that are naturally resistant to common issues. Practice good sanitation by removing diseased material. Apply organic or synthetic controls only when needed to avoid developing resistance to pests or pathogens. Maintain plant health through balanced nutrients and watering.


Landscape maintenance services

With consistent landscape maintenance services and landscaping companies services, your own landscaping company landscape design, landscaping companies, and landscape maintenance services should thrive. Record tasks and observations yearly to improve practices. Refer to records when planning schedules for landscape maintenance services, projects, landscaping company services, projects, and other landscaping company needs, services, and project budgets. Taking pride in your maintained yard offers benefits. This guide aims to help develop routines fitting your goals. Enjoy time spent in your beautiful outdoor spaces this season and beyond.

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